CONSTITUTION OF International Association of Forensic Sciences and Education

Article 1. NAME
The name of this organization is the International Association of Forensic Sciences and Education.

Article 2. PURPOSE
The purpose of the International Association of Forensic Sciences and Education is to strengthen forensic education (quality and benefits), provide membership and accreditation to educational institutions, schools and companies to improve their teaching skills and qualities, and support the work of forensic science worldwide.

Institutions and persons who are committed to the purpose of the organization and those interested in the development of forensic education and its quality are eligible for membership. Membership is effective upon payment of annual fees.

Article 4. Officers
Section 1. Officers. The elected officials of the association are: president, vice president, treasurer, convention planner / secretary and international liaison partners, each of whom will be elected by post from among the members and take office on the day following the national tournament when their election is announced. Each officer will serve for three years.
Section 2. The President. The President chairs all business meetings of the organization and assumes all responsibilities of the CEO. The chairman shall be an ex officio member of all standing committees.
Section 3. Vice President. The Vice-President shall assume all duties which the President is unable to perform. In addition, the vice president is responsible for maintaining the organization’s archives.
Section 4. Cashier. The Treasurer collects all fees, maintains the official number of all the Association’s funds, pays the accounts and bills from the Association’s existing funds, and prepares financial reports at the annual meetings. The cashier distributes the ballots and puts them in a table. In addition, the cashier will pay the annual state tax and send all the necessary documents to I.R.S. the annual accounting period ending on 15 May each year.
Section 5. Planner / Convention Secretary. The Scheduler / Secretary of the Convention will convene the annual IAFSE Convention and coordinate the annual meeting schedules and congress programs for the National Communications Association. The Scheduler / Secretary of the Convention also records and archives the minutes of each meeting.
Section 6. International Relations. The International Liaison Officer will work with the host country to develop arrangements for each year of the conference to be a culturally enriching experience for the participants.

Section 1. The Executive Board of this Association consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Planner / Secretary of the Convention and International Relations.
Section 2. It is the duty of the Executive Board to fulfill the expressed wishes of membership, to determine the location of the conference and to select other committees for special tasks and projects of the Association and to act on behalf of the Association between annual meetings.

Article 6. SESSIONS
Section 1. Regular meetings, which are semi-annual business meetings, shall be held at the time and place of the IFSE Conference and in conjunction with the National Communications Association Convention of which the IAFSE is an associate member.
Section 2. Special meetings may be convened by the President with the consent of the Executive Board, upon notification by all members of the Association.
Section 3. The quorum shall consist of active members participating in the biannual meetings.

This Constitution may be amended by a three-quarters vote of the voting member present at the ordinary meetings. Amendments may be proposed by any member if such proposal is submitted to the Chair at least sixty days before the date of the meeting and provided that a copy of the proposed amendments has been distributed to members at least thirty days before the date of the meeting.

Following the dissolution of the International Association of Forensic Sciences and Education, the National Communications Association will receive all remaining funds that will be used for a student of the Forensic Division to participate in the National Communications Association conference.