If you want to become an IAFSE accredited institution, you need to be a member first.

Therefore, first apply for full membership.
Here’s how to proceed to be a member of the IAFSE.

Submission of the application – the institution must fill in an application, which is sent to each institution, person or company individually.

Assessment of applications – each application must be assessed by the IAFSE President.

Upon successful assessment of the application, a membership fee must be paid. The price depends on the type of membership and whether the institution is based in the EU or not.

Network access – when an institution becomes a valid member of the IAFSE, it receives access to a virtual network where it can communicate with all other members and member institutions.

Annual reports – all IAFSE members are required to complete a short report on their membership each year. Report forms are automatically sent to each institution at the beginning of the year.


Accreditation means process and status. It is a process in which the quality of education of an institution or program is assessed. This process is voluntary and represents a non-governmental external review of the institution’s ability and quality to provide study programs at a certain level of quality. The result of a successful review is the granting of “accredited status”.

Accreditation is granted after the evaluation of services and programs performed by the institution by an external body. This value proposal shows that the relevant standards are met, and therefore the institution is trustworthy, has the competence and authority to provide high-quality education.

If the organization meets the required standards, it will accredit the International Association of Forensic Sciences and Education as an independent external body. Only accreditation programs achieve our accreditation awards. The standard of services provided is usually regularly checked and accreditation must be renewed every few years.

Obtaining accreditation from the International Association of Forensic Sciences and Education is one of the most prestigious goals that an educational institution in the field of forensic sciences and disciplines can achieve.

However, obtaining accreditation is not just a process, we try to help institutions get accreditation even though they have a more difficult starting position, we care about expanding the possibilities of studying forensic sciences and therefore we make sure not only to correct and erroneously evaluate, but also help all institutions. who want to provide forensic education


If you are interested in accreditation or membership, do not hesitate to contact us, we solve everything individually and we try our best to help you.